Membership Options

We have 2 types of seats. A Dedicated Seat lets you have a desk to yourself. Or a Community Seat give you a seat at one of our tables. You’ll have plenty of elbow room at either, but dedicated seats are yours to call your own, so you can leave out your knick-knacks and give your space a little personal style.

Community Seats

Our most affordable option! Join other coworkers in the community area. It’s first come, first served but rest assured there will always be a seat for you. Your first visit is free.

Dedicated Desk

You’ll have plenty of room to spread out and get work done. You get a comfy seat, large table (59″x30″) and organizer shelf. Plus a you can have your business logo on our website and even on the front window if you’d like.

  Community Seat
Community Seat
SALE $125/Mo $150/Mo
Dedicated Desk
SALE $225/Mo $250/Mo
Fast Wi-Fi yes yes yes
Kitchenette yes yes yes
Printer/Scanner yes yes yes
Conference Room yes yes yes
Office Access Weekdays 9-5 24/7 24/7
Mailing Address no yes yes
Your logo on the website no yes yes
Your logo on the front window no no yes
Larger dedicated desk with storage shelf no no yes